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Zhostovo trays

Today Russian Zhostovo trays are much more than merely tableware objects used to serve tea and snacks. They are now used to decorate houses and as elaborate decorative panels and souvenirs that tell the story of life and happiness and passion of creating something exquisite.

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  • Russian Folk Art Platter

    Russian Folk Art Platter

    Decorative and fully functional, Zhostovo trays are an awesome addition to any...

    Item # TR00086A01

  • Large Russian Platter

    Large Russian Platter

    This large folk art platter (approximately 13 1/2" long x 10 1/2" wide)...

    Item # TR00085A01

  • Floral Heart Zhostovo Tray

    Floral Heart Zhostovo Tray

    This small heart plate or tray is a wonderful piece of folk art that also has...

    Item # TR00063A01

  • Zhostovo Tray Heart

    Zhostovo Tray Heart

    Function and beauty come together on hand painted Zhostovo trays from Russia!...

    Item # TR00062A01

  • Zhostovo Serving Tray

    Zhostovo Serving Tray

    Elegance with function! This 13" x 9" metal serving tray comes from Russia and...

    Item # TR00075A01

  • Medium Red Zhostovo Tray

    Medium Red Zhostovo Tray

    Serve food in style or decorate your kitchen with beautifully hand painted...

    Item # TR00073A01

  • Medium Black Zhostovo Tray

    Medium Black Zhostovo Tray

    Enjoy the beauty of folk art while you eat a snack! Bright colored flowers...

    Item # TR00072A01

  • Blue Floral Russian Tray

    Blue Floral Russian Tray

    These Zhostovo trays are great for decoration and eating off of! They are made...

    Item # TR00071A01

  • Russian Metal Tray

    Russian Metal Tray

    This classic looking metal Zhostovo platter came straight from Russia to our...

    Item # TR00070A01

  • Forest Green Zhostovo Tray

    Forest Green Zhostovo Tray

    This wonderful, fairly small (9" x 6 3/4") tray has a green color base that...

    Item # TR00069A01

  • Indigo Blue Zhostovo Tray

    Indigo Blue Zhostovo Tray

    Many Zhostovo trays and platters are known for their jet black base and painted...

    Item # TR00068A01

  • Zhostovo Painted Tray

    Zhostovo Painted Tray

    This beautiful piece of folk art from Russia is a great addition to any home or...

    Item # TR00076A01

  • Decorative Platter

    Decorative Platter

    This decorative platter, or Zhostovo tray, features a dark red background that...

    Item # TR00077A01

  • Russian Craft Platter

    Russian Craft Platter

    Zhostovo platters and trays are an awesome addition to any kitchen or living...

    Item # TR00087A01

  • Rectangular Zhostovo Platter

    Rectangular Zhostovo Platter

    This metal serving platter is approximately 13 1/2" long x 10 1/2" wide. It...

    Item # TR00084A01

  • Large Round Zhostovo Tray

    Large Round Zhostovo Tray

    Use this beautiful 13" tray for decorating on a plate stand, or use it to serve...

    Item # TR00083A01

  • Round Russian Zhostovo Platter

    Round Russian Zhostovo Platter

    This metal platter is approximately 13" in diameter and it showcases a...

    Item # TR00082A01

  • Rounded Zhostovo Platter

    Rounded Zhostovo Platter

    This maroon colored Russian metal platter is 13" in diameter and a vibrant...

    Item # TR00081A01

  • 13" Zhostovo Platter

    13" Zhostovo Platter

    This beautiful Russian platter is about 13" in diameter and it showcases a...

    Item # TR00080A01

  • Floral Blue Russian Tray

    Floral Blue Russian Tray

    These Russian Zhostovo trays are great for decorating, as well as eating off...

    Item # TR00079A01

Products 1 to 20 of 38 total

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