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Russian souvenirs

Cute and fun souvenirs from Russia! Besides the famous nesting dolls, we also have playing cards and key-chains.

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  • Small Ceramic Snake Figurine

    Small Ceramic Snake Figurine

    This adorable blue and white snake was hand-crafted in Russia sometime before...

    Item # SU01017A01

  • Russian Souvenir Nail File

    Russian Souvenir Nail File

    This Russian souvenir nail file is colorful and cheerful. It is made of fine...

    Item # SU01015A01

  • Souvenir Nail File

    Souvenir Nail File

    This souvenir nail file is made of fine glass that is easy to clean and great...

    Item # SU01014A01

  • Russian Doll Nail File

    Russian Doll Nail File

    Manicures and pedicures time! This super-cute nail file has a cheerful Russian...

    Item # SU01013A01

  • Matryoshka Nail File

    Matryoshka Nail File

    This nail file comes from Russia with a cute matryoshka polygraphed on it. It...

    Item # SU01012A01

  • Souvenir Bell Matryoshka

    Souvenir Bell Matryoshka

    If you need a bell by your bed, this is definitely the cutest one! This...

    Item # SU01011A01

  • Russian Matryoshka Souvenir Bell

    Russian Matryoshka Souvenir Bell

    This cute souvenir bell is in the shape of a matryoshka and is copper colored....

    Item # SU01010A01

  • Nesting Dolls Playing Cards

    Nesting Dolls Playing Cards

    Nesting Dolls in all shapes, sizes, and themes are featured on this standard...

    Item # SU01009A01

  • Russian Cards - 55 Best Views

    Russian Cards - 55 Best Views

    Learning Russian while having fun is easy with these standard playing cards...

    Item # SU01008A01

  • Russian Matryoshka Necklace

    Russian Matryoshka Necklace

    This very cute necklace is made up by one dotted 17" sterling silver chain, and...

    Item # SU01022A01

  • 5pc Matryoshka Magnets

    5pc Matryoshka Magnets

    This 5pc descending sizes Russian nesting doll themed magnet set is a great way...

    Item # SU01023A01

  • Golden Bridle Souvenir Plate

    Golden Bridle Souvenir Plate



    This souvenir plate features "Golden Bridle" from the limited edition...

    Item # SU01032A01

Products 1 to 20 of 50 total

Set Descending Direction
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