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Russian Pisanki eggs

Russian Pisanki (pisanky, pisanka, pysanki) eggs are hand painted wooden pieces of art. Great for Easter time.

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  • Easter Pisanky Eggs

    Easter Pisanky Eggs

    Russian Pisanki (aka Pisanka, Pisanky, Pysanky) eggs were given as a gift...

    Item # EG00064A03

  • Orange Pysanky Eggs (3)

    Orange Pysanky Eggs (3)

    These hand-crafted wooden Ukrainian Easter eggs feature an orange background...

    Item # EG00287A03

  • Ukrainian Easter Eggs (3)

    Ukrainian Easter Eggs (3)

    Hand-painted, gloss finished, and ready to decorate your home! These colorful...

    Item # EG00285A03

  • Blue Pysanky Eggs (3)

    Blue Pysanky Eggs (3)

    Each of these beautiful blue Pysanky eggs were hand-painted by a Russian...

    Item # EG00284A03

  • Pascha Decor Eggs

    Pascha Decor Eggs

    Each Pysanka has its own uniqueness and is approximately 2" to 2 1/2" long,...

    Item # EG00288A04

13 product(s)

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