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Orthodox crosses

Find truly blessed, religious, and impressive Russian Orthodox crosses here at The Russian Store.

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  • Natural Wooden Prayer Beads

    Natural Wooden Prayer Beads

    A wonderful thing to own is prayer beads. Simply hold on to them and wrap them...

    Item # DJ01838A01

  • Wooden Hand Rosary

    Wooden Hand Rosary



    This lovely wooden hand rosary features various saints (St. Michael on the...

    Item # DJ01837A01

  • Blessed Orthodox Cross Pendant

    Blessed Orthodox Cross Pendant

    This religious accessory comes from Russia with a blessing. It has the "serve...

    Item # DJ01809A01

  • Crucifix of Jesus Christ

    Crucifix of Jesus Christ

    The decoupage art on this Orthodox 8-point Cross features high-quality artwork...

    Item # IC00235A01

  • Holy Land Earth Rosary

    Holy Land Earth Rosary



    This wooden and silver-toned rosary features Mary Mother of God, with soil of...

    Item # DJ01839A01

13 product(s)

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