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Military hats

Along with our fur ushanka hats, we also have a great collection of Russian military hats; some for the winter and some for the summer.

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  • Soviet Soldier Field Cap

    Soviet Soldier Field Cap

    Authentic Russian Soldier Field Cap (Pilotka) worn by soldiers in CCCP (USSR)....

    Item # HT00083-01

  • Soviet Officer Feild Cap

    Soviet Officer Feild Cap

    This collectible Russian military hat is made in Moscow, Russia. It is accented...

    Item # HT00040A01

  • CCCP Bolshevik Cavalry Hat

    CCCP Bolshevik Cavalry Hat

    Soviet Cavalry Hat – replica of unique Bolshevik headgear “Budyonovka”....

    Item # HT00008A01

  • Border Patrol Officer's Hat

    Border Patrol Officer's Hat

    This hat is a Ukrainian Border Patrol officer’s hat. These hats are not worn...

    Item # HT00096-01

8 product(s)

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