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Russian toys for kids

Find handcrafted, unique, and entertaining kid's toys, other than nesting dolls, from Russia! Teaches children good hand coordination.

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  • Fun Pecking Hens Toy

    Fun Pecking Hens Toy

    Have you ever played with a handmade wooden toy before? They are quite a bit of...

    Item # TY00061A01

  • Yellow Pecking Hens Toy

    Yellow Pecking Hens Toy

    This yellow pecking hens toy was handmade from wood and hand painted in Russia....

    Item # TY00063A01

  • Pecking Hens Folk Art Toy

    Pecking Hens Folk Art Toy

    Russian wooden toys, like this pecking hens folk art toy, have been amusing...

    Item # TY00060A01

  • Red Pecking Hens Toy

    Red Pecking Hens Toy

    This red/pink wooden toy from Russia is a wonderful representation of...

    Item # TY00057A01

  • Drumming Bear with Bunny Toy

    Drumming Bear with Bunny Toy

    This musical bear plays the drums, as the bunny taps his foot. All you have to...

    Item # TY00079A01

  • Pecking Hens from Russia

    Pecking Hens from Russia

    Put the computer down and play with a handmade wooden folk art toy instead!...

    Item # TY00064A01

  • Green Pecking Hens Toy

    Green Pecking Hens Toy

    This hand-painted wooden toy is a piece of Russian folk art that has been...

    Item # TY00058A01

  • Kokopelli Chime Ball Toy

    Kokopelli Chime Ball Toy

    These animated toys were created in village Bogorodskoe, near Moscow in 13th...

    Item # TY00021A01

  • Spinning Top - Sun Kachina

    Spinning Top - Sun Kachina

    This unique spinning top toy was made in Russia, but it features a Southwestern...

    Item # SW00027A01

  • Russian Pecking Hens Toy

    Russian Pecking Hens Toy

    Russian pecking hens toys has been amusing young and old since the 13th...

    Item # TY00059A01

  • Golden Berries Pecking Hens

    Golden Berries Pecking Hens

    When you hold onto the handle of these folk art toys, and make a circular...

    Item # TY00056A01

  • Bright Pecking Hen Toy

    Bright Pecking Hen Toy

    This hand-painted, bright colored (colors vary) toy was created in a village...

    Item # TY00054A01

Products 1 to 20 of 21 total

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