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Russian fairy tale books

Find books on classic Russian tales and folklore; from Kolobok to the Golden Cockerel and more.

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  • Little Fox & Wolf

    Little Fox & Wolf

    Lisichka i Volk. This cute and colorful Russian Folk Rhyme is the perfect gift...

    Item # BK00074A01

  • Golden Cockerel and Fox

    Golden Cockerel and Fox

    Petushok-Zolotoj Grebeshok. This classic Russian Fairytale is perfect to read...

    Item # BK00072A01

  • Kitty's Home

    Kitty's Home

    This Russian Folk Rhyme is a presented alongside adorably cute & colorful...

    Item # BK00071A01

  • Koza Dereza Russian Book

    Koza Dereza Russian Book

    This adorable fairytale is presented in 10 full color pages with beautiful...

    Item # BK00070A01

  • Kolobok - Round Bun

    Kolobok - Round Bun

    This Russian Folk Tale is very similar to The Gingerbread man, they're both...

    Item # BK00067A01

  • Koza Rogataya

    Koza Rogataya

    A great way for children to learn about their cultural background, or just a...

    Item # BK00076A01

  • Soroka Beloboka

    Soroka Beloboka

    This small Russian board book tells the tale of Soroka Beloboka. It's a perfect...

    Item # BK00078A01

  • The Three Little Bears

    The Three Little Bears

    A favorite fairytale across cultures, this version of The Three Little Bears is...

    Item # BK00081A01

  • Tangled Coloring Book

    Tangled Coloring Book

    The classic tale of Rapunzel in Russian, with cute illustrations on 8 pages....

    Item # BK00104A01

  • The Bremen Town Musicians

    The Bremen Town Musicians

    This cute and colorful folktale is loosely based on a brothers grimm fairy...

    Item # BK00077A01

  • Sivka-Burka Russian Folk Tale

    Sivka-Burka Russian Folk Tale

    Colorful, traditional fairytale in Russia. Great for children or adults who are...

    Item # BK00013A01

  • Wicked Geese

    Wicked Geese

    Gusi-Lebedy. Colorful, traditional fairytale imported from Russia with text and...

    Item # BK00017A01

  • Repka - The Great Turnip

    Repka - The Great Turnip

    Colorful, traditional fairytale imported from Russia with text and pictures....

    Item # BK00032A01

  • Golden Cockerell

    Golden Cockerell

    Colorful, traditional fairytale imported from Russia with text and pictures....

    Item # BK00042A01

14 product(s)

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