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Russian collectible coins

Rare finds at The Russian Store, including collectible coinage!

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  • Russian Ruble Coin

    Russian Ruble Coin

    This coin commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Great October Socialist...

    Item # CN00032A01

  • World Festival Coin

    World Festival Coin

    This coin depicts an emblem of the12th World Festival of Youth and Students in...

    Item # CN00031A01

  • Russian Ruble 1987 Coin

    Russian Ruble 1987 Coin

    This Russian Ruble coin commemorates the 70th anniversary of the Great October...

    Item # CN00030A01

  • Maxim Gorky Coin

    Maxim Gorky Coin

    This 1990 coin commemorates the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Russian...

    Item # CN00029A01

  • Leo Tolstoy Collectible Coin

    Leo Tolstoy Collectible Coin

    One Russian Ruble 1988 coin. Commemorates 160th anniversary of Leo Tolstoy's...

    Item # CN00028A01

  • Tsiolkovsky Coin

    Tsiolkovsky Coin

    This 1987 Russian coin commemorates the 130th anniversary of Konstantin...

    Item # CN00027A01

  • Year of Peace Coin

    Year of Peace Coin

    One Russian Ruble coin. Depicts International Year of Peace Emblem (reverse)....

    Item # CN00026A01

  • Collectible Russian Coin

    Collectible Russian Coin

    This Russian coin commemorates 40th anniversary of Soviet people's Victory over...

    Item # CN00025A01

  • Soviet Commemorative Coin

    Soviet Commemorative Coin

    This Soviet coin of one ruble celebrates the 30th anniversary of victory over...

    Item # CN00020A01

9 product(s)

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