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Russian t-shirts

Russian t-shirts offer a unique statement. See what many different tees we have, and shop by size if you prefer!

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  • Yellow Moscow Kremlin T-shirt

    Yellow Moscow Kremlin T-shirt

    This yellow shirt features a great picture of Moscow's famous Kremlin on the...

    Item # TS00001-01

  • Red Soviet CCCP T-Shirt

    Red Soviet CCCP T-Shirt

    This classic CCCP T-Shirt is a great piece of memorabilia, or kitsch. Red with...

    Item # TS00052-01

  • Soviet CCCP Black T-Shirt

    Soviet CCCP Black T-Shirt

    These souvenir T-Shirts are a rare and stunning find. This shirt features a...

    Item # TS00075-01

  • Soviet CCCP White T-Shirt

    Soviet CCCP White T-Shirt

    This white T-Shirt is an instant classic with the famous Soviet CCCP logo on...

    Item # TS00076-01

  • Blue Ukrainian Crest T-Shirt

    Blue Ukrainian Crest T-Shirt

    Here is the symbol of Ukrainian national pride: a vibrant blue and yellow Coat...

    Item # TS00079-01

  • Ukrainian Crest T-Shirt

    Ukrainian Crest T-Shirt

    This Ukrainian Crest T-Shirt is 100% cotton and features a vibrant blue and...

    Item # TS00080-01

  • Soviet KGB Black T-Shirt

    Soviet KGB Black T-Shirt

    This Russian souvenir t shirt features a detailed picture of the famous Soviet...

    Item # TS00024-01

  • Russian Matryoshka T-Shirt

    Russian Matryoshka T-Shirt

    This Russian matryoshka t-shirt is a fun way to show off your Russian heritage...

    Item # TS00087-01

  • Matryoshka Dolls Shirt

    Matryoshka Dolls Shirt

    This cute women's matryoshka t-shirt features three blue floral nesting dolls...

    Item # TS00083-01

  • Blue Ukrainian T-Shirt

    Blue Ukrainian T-Shirt

    100% cotton Ukrainian Crest T-Shirt with a Tryzub in a center. Tryzub literally...

    Item # TS00040-01

  • WWII Big Three Summit T-Shirt

    WWII Big Three Summit T-Shirt

    This interesting T-shirt features a detailed picture and news article about...

    Item # TS00003-01

  • Moscow Motorcycle Riders T-Shirt

    Moscow Motorcycle Riders T-Shirt

    This cool t-shirt features a colorful and detailed picture of three bikers in...

    Item # TS00007-01

  • Gray Soviet CCCP T-Shirt

    Gray Soviet CCCP T-Shirt

    These souvenir Gray T-Shirts are a rare and stunning find. This shirt features...

    Item # TS00039-01

  • Black Soviet CCCP T-Shirt

    Black Soviet CCCP T-Shirt

    Looking for a classic black Russian Tee? How about this shirt that features the...

    Item # TS00077-01

  • Russian Coca-Cola T-Shirt

    Russian Coca-Cola T-Shirt

    Coca-Cola in Russian is Кока-Кола. That is what it says on the front of...

    Item # TS00036-01

  • Moscow Souvenir T-Shirt

    Moscow Souvenir T-Shirt

    This colorful and creative tee shirt from Russia shows a picture of Moscow's...

    Item # TS00081-01

Products 1 to 20 of 30 total

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