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Russia has a long and rich religious history, as shown through our assorted collection of products regarding faith, and observance. Whether it's a Russian Orthodox icon, or an Orthodox nesting doll, we know that you will find something to love in our collection. Browse our other religious items, such as Icon eggs and gold crucifix cross pendants.

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  • Crucifix of Jesus Christ

    Crucifix of Jesus Christ

    The decoupage art on this Orthodox 8-point Cross features high-quality artwork...

    Item # IC00235A01

  • Holy Land Earth Rosary

    Holy Land Earth Rosary

    This wooden and silver-toned rosary features Mary Mother of God, with soil of...

    Item # DJ01839A01

  • Natural Wooden Prayer Beads

    Natural Wooden Prayer Beads

    A wonderful thing to own is prayer beads. Simply hold on to them and wrap them...

    Item # DJ01838A01

  • Wooden Hand Rosary

    Wooden Hand Rosary

    This lovely wooden hand rosary features various saints (St. Michael on the...

    Item # DJ01837A01

  • Orthodox Cross Pendant

    Orthodox Cross Pendant

    Brought from Russian Monastery Sofrino. It says: Save and Protect on the back...

    Item # DJ00680A01

  • Mother Mary Orthodox Cross

    Mother Mary Orthodox Cross

    This impressive and colorful Mother Mary cross was crafted by skilled Russian...

    Item # IC00238A01

  • Orthodox Cross - 24K Gold Plated

    Orthodox Cross - 24K Gold Plated

    This impressive and colorful, gold-plated crucifix, was crafted by Russian...

    Item # IC00132A01

  • Large Orthodox Icon Cross

    Large Orthodox Icon Cross

    This large, handmade in Russia, lithograph icon cross (about 11" long, 6 1/2"...

    Item # IC00237A01

Products 1 to 20 of 67 total

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