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Khokhloma lacquer boxes

Pick out an authentic Khokhloma lacquer box if you’re looking for a unique home decoration that also serves a purpose. Read about Khokhloma.

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  • Khokhloma Box for Jewlery

    Khokhloma Box for Jewlery

    This poppy flower design Khokhloma box showcases the traditional folk art of...

    Item # KH00312A01

  • Khokhloma Box for jewelry

    Khokhloma Box for jewelry

    This strawberries and golden bird jewelry box showcases the beautiful and...

    Item # KH00310A01

  • Russian Khokhloma Jewelry Box

    Russian Khokhloma Jewelry Box

    This gold bird with berries hand-crafted khokhloma (hoh-lo-ma) jewelry box,...

    Item # KH00307A01

  • Khokhloma Box for Jewelry

    Khokhloma Box for Jewelry

    This khokhloma (hoh-lo-ma) jewelry box showcases the beautiful and traditional...

    Item # KH00305A01

  • Russian Jewelry Box

    Russian Jewelry Box

    This 3 1/4" long, authentic, hand-painted, and hand-crafted khokhloma folk art...

    Item # KH00306A01

  • Golden Fowl Khokhloma Box

    Golden Fowl Khokhloma Box

    Such beauty! This 4 3/4" x 3" Khokhloma jewelry box has a painting of a golden...

    Item # KH01119A01

14 product(s)

Set Descending Direction