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Art glass

Hand-blown glass is one of the oldest forms of artistic glass making, and The Russian Store is proud to have a unique collection of Russian art glass. From royal glass scepters to cute green glass frogs to colorful exotic glass fish, we have an exciting ensemble of hand-blown glass artworks.

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  • Blue Glass Fish Murano Style

    Blue Glass Fish Murano Style

    This beautiful blue glass art glass fish was hand-crafted by Murano. Makes for...

    Item # AG00090A01

  • Red/Yellow Art Glass Fish

    Red/Yellow Art Glass Fish

    This 5" tall art glass fish was hand-blown and features a unique shape and...

    Item # AG00089A01

  • Iridescent Art Glass Fish

    Iridescent Art Glass Fish

    This 4 1/2" tall art glass fish was hand-blown and features beautiful blue...

    Item # AG00088A01

  • Pink Elephant Art Glass

    Pink Elephant Art Glass

    Beautiful and elegant pink elephant glass art featuring imported crystal....

    Item # AG00085A01

  • Murano Style Green Elephant

    Murano Style Green Elephant

    This Murano style glass Elephant stands approximately 5" tall. About 4" long...

    Item # AG00087A01

  • Playful Dolphin Glass Figure

    Playful Dolphin Glass Figure

    Beautiful dolphin jumping out of the water, features clear and frosted imported...

    Item # AG00086A01

  • Dolphins On Amethyst Geode

    Dolphins On Amethyst Geode

    Pretty purple amethyst crystals geode complimenting three hand-blown glass...

    Item # AG00099A01

  • Blue Dolphin Art Glass

    Blue Dolphin Art Glass

    Beautiful blue/clear dolphin art glass statue jumping out of the water is about...

    Item # AG00080A01

8 product(s)

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