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Crystal Vases and Bowls

Shop our collection of European Crystal Vases And Bowls, timeless addition for any room in your home.

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  • Lead Crystal Glass Vase

    Lead Crystal Glass Vase

    Enjoy beautiful art glass in your home with this fancy crystal vase! It...

    Item # AG00074A01

  • Small Crystal Glass Candy Dish

    Small Crystal Glass Candy Dish

    This little dish is a beautiful representation of hand cut lead crystal. It...

    Item # AG00083A01

  • 10" Crystal Candy Dish

    10" Crystal Candy Dish

    This is a large candy dish, hand cut from thick 24% lead crystal. It is ten...

    Item # AG00079A01

  • Crystal Candy Dish

    Crystal Candy Dish

    Keep your candy or nuts in a beautiful crystal dish like this one! This candy...

    Item # AG00078A01

  • Crystal Dish

    Crystal Dish

    This fancy dish, with wonderful detail, was made in Slovakia. Many 16-point...

    Item # AG00077A01

  • Large Vintage Crystal Ashtray

    Large Vintage Crystal Ashtray

    This large (7" diameter) vintage crystal ashtray is quite striking. Nearly 2"...

    Item # AG00084A01

6 product(s)

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