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Holiday themes

Visit The Russian Store to find authentic nested dolls in a variety of themes, including popular holidays. From Easter to Hanukkah to Christmas and more, we have a nesting doll that is sure to enhance your holiday spirit!

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  • Winter Cabin Nesting Doll

    Winter Cabin Nesting Doll

    This unique Winter cabin nesting doll or matryoshka doll features a beautifully...

    Item # ND02163A05

  • Santa with Ornaments Doll

    Santa with Ornaments Doll

    This colorful doll of Santa Clause with a big bag full of toys opens up to...

    Item # ND02140A06

  • Snowman Nesting Doll

    Snowman Nesting Doll

    This cute Winter time matryoshka doll features 5 dolls, each with a snowman on...

    Item # ND02144A05

  • Santa & Friends Nested Doll

    Santa & Friends Nested Doll

    Take a look at Santa Claus coming to town in the form of an authentic Russian...

    Item # ND02146A05

  • Blue Winter Nesting Doll

    Blue Winter Nesting Doll

    Russian Winters can be harsh, but they can also be beautiful, just like this...

    Item # ND02211A05

  • Russian Winter Stacking Doll

    Russian Winter Stacking Doll

    This 8 1/2" tall matryoshka shows winter scenes in Russia on each of the...

    Item # ND02208A07

  • Winter in Russia Matryoshka Doll

    Winter in Russia Matryoshka Doll

    This Winter in Russia matryoshka doll is painted with beautiful blue shades on...

    Item # ND02209A07

  • Wood Burnt Matryoshka

    Wood Burnt Matryoshka

    This Russian matryoshka was wood-burned with onion dome churches and a simple...

    Item # ND02232A05

Products 1 to 20 of 49 total

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