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Decorative bottle holders

Why not keep your vodka or other drinks housed in style with these imported Russian bottle holder nesting dolls? They are cute, charming, sneaky, and full of fun! A perfect balance of folk art, and practicality, our wooden bottle holders will be the life of your next party!

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  • Firebird Bottle Holder

    Firebird Bottle Holder

    This fairytale bottle holder depicts the popular tale of "The Firebird" with a...

    Item # BH00045A01

  • Russian Beauty Bottle Holder

    Russian Beauty Bottle Holder

    Stunning! This Russian bottle holder features a beautiful painting that is...

    Item # BH00038A01

  • Bottle Holder - St. Basil's

    Bottle Holder - St. Basil's

    Wow! This colorful, hand-painted Russian bottle holder features a beautiful...

    Item # BH00042A01

  • Russian Doll Bottle Holder

    Russian Doll Bottle Holder

    This Russian craft souvenir makes a fabulous gift! It holds your choice (or...

    Item # BH00043A01

12 product(s)

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