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Amber rings

Here at The Russian Store we take our amber rings very seriously, and that is why we have nearly 200 different amber rings in our inventory. With all of those choices, we are sure that you will find the perfect amber ring. Most of our amber rings are set in sterling silver, and many of our amber rings come in a wide range of sizes. Find your perfect amber ring today!

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  • Circle Gets the Square Cognac Amber Ring

    Circle Gets the Square Cognac Amber Ring

    This modern amber ring features a large cognac amber cabochon circle set in a...

    Item # AM01952-01

  • Trinity Amber Ring

    Trinity Amber Ring

    This elegant ring is made of 3 honey amber stones, set into a beautiful...

    Item # AM00386-01

  • Dainty Honey Amber Ring

    Dainty Honey Amber Ring

    This bright and brilliant Victorian inspired honey amber oval is surrounded by...

    Item # AM02404-01

  • Honey Amber Ring

    Honey Amber Ring

    This simple but elegant sterling silver ring features a honey amber stone and...

    Item # AM00890-01

  • Green Amber Cocktail Ring

    Green Amber Cocktail Ring

    This striking cocktail ring features a cluster of green amber stones, with many...

    Item # AM02323-01

  • Classic Amber Ring

    Classic Amber Ring

    This dark amber ring is hand made by Russian craftsmen. Its cherry circle...

    Item # AM00683-01

  • Honey Amber & Silver Ring

    Honey Amber & Silver Ring

    This beautiful and stylish ring is made with a polished 3/8" x 1/4" honey amber...

    Item # AM02597-01

  • Round Butterscotch Amber Ring

    Round Butterscotch Amber Ring

    This modern ring features a round butterscotch amber stone with swirling...

    Item # AM01724-01

Products 1 to 20 of 37 total

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